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General Rules

Le règlement / General Rules

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« D’une musique à l’autre » Association




Brest Auditorium 

from February 18 to 22, 2023 

 Under the high patronage of Brest’s Mayor



Deputy Mayor of Brest

In charge of cultural policy, delegated to cultural facilities

Mr. Philippe LORREYTE

Project manager at the cultural department of the city hall of Brest


Director of the Regional Conservatory of music of Brest Metropole



Mrs. Carole LABBEY

Founder, Honorary President


  • Artistic Director, President of the Jury : Carlos CEBRO
  • Presidente : Ai WU
  • Deputy chairman : Bruno DURAND
  • Secretary : Taiping ZHANG
  • Gestionnaire : Jean LAPIERRE
  • Assistante de direction et organisatrice : Marie GUENNOU
  • Assistante de direction et sous organisatrice : Thaïs BARON
  • Informatique : Noureddine DHOUIMIER



1. The competition has five categories:

  • Category V – Four hands, six hands
  • Category W – Two pianos
  • Category X – Young Talent (Group 1 and Group 2)
  • Category Y – Debussy, Fauré and Rachmaninoff
  • Category Z – Chopin

It is open to candidates ofall nationalities.


For categories V and W there is no age limit.


For category X (young talent) the age limit is less than 20 years old on the day of the competition.

Group 1 from 7 to 14 years old,

Group 2 from 15 to 20 years old.


For categories Y and Z, the age limit is 30 years old on the day of the competition.

Candidates may compete in more than one category; an entry fee will be required for each category.

Category Y and Z: limited entries.


2. Pieces to be performed

Category V – Four hands, six hands : one work of your choice (free program)

>> maximum duration 6 minutes

Category W – Two pianos : one work of your choice (free program) 

>> maximum duration between 10 and 15 minutes

Category X – Young Talent: one work of your choice (free program)

>> group 1 maximum duration 10 minutes,

>> group 2 maximum duration 15 minutes.

Category Y – Debussy : an Etude and

– Fauré : a Barcarolle or a nocturne and 

– Rachmaninoff: “étude-tableau » op 33 or op 39

>> maximum duration 15 minutes

Category Z – Chopin: one Nocturne + one Etude + one

Ballade or Scherzo     

>> maximum duration 20 minutes

3. All works for solo piano are performed from memory; scores are permitted only for four-hand, six-hand and two-piano works.

Scores copies are not permitted.

4. The events are open to the public.

5. The registration is done on Internet preferably, or by sending the registration form with the payment.

6. Candidates must communicate: their date of birth, photocopy of their identity card, the letter corresponding to their category, the title, the opus, the key or the number of the work presented, their music school name and their teacher’s name.

Registration will be validated upon receipt of these informations and payment of the registration fee.

7. No entries will be accepted after January 18, 2023. The postmark will be taken as proof.

8. Under no circumstances will the registration fee be refunded or postponed, except in the event of cancellation of the contest.

9. Each prize will be awarded (financial reward) only in the presence of the winners and the jury at the announcement of the results.

In case of absence, the candidate may be disqualified.

Candidates unable to attend the award ceremony must leave a stamped A4 envelope with their name and address on it at the reception desk, specifying the category.

10. Travel and hotel expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

However, if possible, candidates in categories X, Y, Z who are unaccompanied and wish to do so may be given the name and address of a volunteer host family for free accommodation when they receive their invitation.


11. All registrations imply acceptance of the competition rules. The candidate must be present on the day and at the time mentioned on the invitation which will be sent to him/her two weeks before the date of the competition. In case of non-receipt, please inform the competition secretariat by email.

12. Candidates are requested to inform the competition secretary in case of absence.

13. The jury may interrupt the candidate during the performance.

14. The jury reserves the right not to award all the prizes.

15. No member of the jury will present a candidate in categories Y, Z.

16. Entry fee :

  • 60 euros for one category
  • 100 euros ( 50 euros per category ) for two categories
  • 120 euros ( 40 euros per category ) for three categories


17. Awards:

  • Category V Four Hands or Six Hands:

1st medal, 2nd medal, 3rd medal

  • Category W Two pianos :

– First Prize: 600 euros

Second prize: 400 euros

  • Category X Young talent :

Group 1

First prize: 400 euros

– Second prize: 200 euros

 Group 2

– First prize: 500 euros

– Second prize: 300 euros

– 1st medal, 2nd medal, 3rd medal


  • Category Y :

– First prize (City of Brest Prize): 800 euros and a recital

– Second prize: 500 euros and participation in a recital

– Third prize : 300 euros

  • Category Z :

– First prize ( Prize of the Conservatory of Brest ) : 1000 euros and an engagement in one of the two coming seasons of the Ensemble  » Entre Sable & Ciel « .

– Second prize: 700 euros and a recital

– Third prize : 400 euros

  • MAPELEK patronage prize (category X, Y or Z): 300 euros

All participants in the recitals will receive a fee. The places of the concerts will be in Brittany and in Ile-de-France.


18. Venue of the competition:

Auditorium of Brest, Émile Zola street, 29200 BREST


Practical info:

Host families:

As a candidate of the Brest Piano Competition, you have the possibility to be accommodated free of charge by volunteer families from Brest. You will receive at the same time as your convocation and rehearsal schedules on Steinway, the contact details of your host family. It is advisable to contact them quickly to confirm your request. This accommodation is not intended for persons accompanying the candidates. We would be grateful if you

could respect this point so as not to disrupt the good relationship we have with these families who have been loyal to us for many years.

The families will pick you up at the train station or airport. They will then take you to the competition site for the rehearsals on the Steinway competition piano which take place in the morning. The tests usually start around 2:00 pm. It is preferable to stay on site as there are practice rooms in the conservatory adjacent to the auditorium.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Rémy Guéneuguès who manages the host families, e-mail :